Posted by: danagribi | March 12, 2011

The Firsts in Life

Greetings on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas.

Now in my 60’s, I am still getting lots of “Firsts” in my life.  I have my own personal website, a blog, a Twitter account, Linkedin account – Lots of technical “Firsts”.

For the last six years I have been a student at the Satori Method Academy in Austin, Texas and worked with the owners Tristan and Sabrina Truscott for about five years.  I have had wonderful experiences in my training in the Martial Arts and Bootcamp Programs.  

I do have my favorite practices – Meditation, Qigong and Martial Yoga – though I do love the workouts in the Bootcamp and the Karate in the Martial Arts.  The practice of meditation has brought peace into my life and a knowing that we are all connected with our Source, The Divine, God.  The practice of Qigong has tuned me in to the energy that surrounds us all and Martial Yoga keeps my body flexible.

I do want to mention in this first blog that we are having an amazing Anti-Aging Pro-Youthing Summit in Austin, Texas, April 1-3, 2011.  The speakers include Peter Ragner, Joe Vitale, Tristan and Sabrina Truscott, Katrina Mayer and Tony Balistreri.  For more information and registration click on:   Summit –  And some great news – there is an Early Bird Special for this wonderful event for people who register now.  I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for reading my first blog and would love for you to visit my new website at

With love and peace.