Dana J. Gribi

As you can see from these photos above, I had very dark hair until age 60 then I became a blonde as it was easier to hide the grey that was showing up in my 50’s!  From 1993 to 1995,  I raced two different race cars:  a 1995 Ferrari 355 Challenge Car and a 1969 Porsche 911 Vintage Racer.  I thoroughly enjoyed this experience but it was during these years that I first began to notice what it meant to really focus, to be totally mindful and learning the process of being grounded when in a race car.

I wanted more of this focus and mindfulness in my life which led me to the Satori Method Academy, in April 2005, where I began my training in the Martial Arts, Bootcamp, Meditation, Qigong, and Martial Yoga.  All of these programs have made such a difference in my life, but Meditation definitely sits at the top.

Yes, I am in the category of “Baby Boomer”, at almost 63.   I am told that I don’t look my age and I know I don’t  feel my age and it is due to my attending the Bootcamp Training  three times  a week and meditating on a daily basis.  I also  practice Qigong two to three times a week and Martial Yoga a couple times a week  keeps me flexible.  I have lots of energy and I love being in the Dojo (Japanese word for training hall). 

I also teach the Bootcamp Program on Friday mornings at 8:15 am and assist Sensei Tristan during the evening Bootcamp sessions and assist new students in the program.  I am also a coach on the Quantum Transformation Academy.

I hope to meet you either at the Dojo in Austin, Texas at one of our Programs or online at Satori Method Academy Online or the Quantum Transformation Academy.



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